Homestays in Perak

Today is February 11, 2016

Homestays in Perak

HomestayHomestay Kg.Pendiat

HomestayHomestay Maju Manik
Located in the southern part of Perak in the Hilir ...

hs bagan datohHomestay Bagan Datoh

705138943_aed55a6d9eHomestay Kg. Beng
Hulu Perak, a district blessed with three lakes and vast ...

DSC_0043Homestay Gopeng
On your first day, you will be taken to see ...

hs_logoHomestay Selama

DSC_0216Homestay Sungai Klah
Just as you arrived at this Homestay situated in the ...

DSC_0115Homestay Bukit Gantang
Join this homestay and you will be revived of your ...

PIC00697Homestay Selekoh