Homestay Koposizon

Today is May 24, 2017

Homestay Koposizon

Koposizon Homestay is located in Papar District about 40 Kilometers away from the Kota Kinabalu City.
The word "KOPOSIZON" means "LIVELIHOOD", a name which shares its daily activities and living with their guests.
Koposizon covers 11 villages namely Kg. Gana, Kg. Kopimpinan, Kg. Kinuta, Kg. Limbahau, Kg. Biau, Kg. Limputung, Kg. Titimboungon, Kg. Timbangan, Kg. Labak, Kg. Lakut and Kg. Papaga. Being quite close to large towns, the houses are more of the urban type with electricity and pipe water.
Koposizon Homestay is surrounded by orchard or paddy farm. Local fruits like papaya, rambutan, guava and langsat are grown in abundance and to arrive during fruit season is every visitor's dream.

Visit Local Elementary School, Making Attap, Rubber Tapping, Paddy Plantation, Traditional Food Cooking Demo, Sumazau Lesson, Grating Coconut, Sago Flour Processing Demo, Suspension Bridge, Visit Fruit Orchard, Visit Local Market/ Town, Traditional Dance (Sazau Papar) & Gong Beating
Encik William Lee
Tel: +6088-917 388/ +6019-862 2901
Address: Kampong Papaga P.O Box 146, 89608 Papar, Sabah

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