Homestay Teluk Bahang

Today is July 21, 2017

Homestay Teluk Bahang

To experience a kampong lifestyle in a relaxed atmosphere, this homestay can be said to have the ambiance of nature at its best.
Waking up in the morning hearing the chirping of birds, coconut trees swaying to the breeze. And on rainy days, experience the howling of winds when big trees and branches hit against each other and sway against the strong winds. It is an unusual experience being lullaby to sleep by the strong winds.
Once you have finished your meal, enjoy a leisurely walk around Teluk Bahang and learn the local names of fruits and trees indigenous only in Malaysia. Our Teluk Bahang homestay guide, En Aziz is ever eager to share our customs and tradition one of which you should not miss is learning how to cook our local dishes.

Place of Interest
Batik, Penang Butterfly Farm, Taman Negara Pulau Pinang
Batik Painting, Visiting around attractions, seashell craft
Puan Nilam Bt. Ismail / En. Aziz
Tel: +6012-583 1710 / +6019-412 4729
Address: Homestay Teluk Bahang, TNo. 12, Mk. 1, Lot 11 Jalan Hassan Abbas, Teluk Bahang 10150 Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang
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Lawatan Harian (Day Trip) RM25.00/Pax (4 hours)

1x minuman selamat datang

1x Makan Tengahari

Lawatan kawasan kampng

Pakaj (A) 2h+1m RM70/pax

1 Malam Penginapan di Homestay

1x Sarapan Pagi, Makan Tengahari, makan malam

Pakaj (B) 3H+2M RM140.00/pax

2 Malam penginapan di homestay

2x sarapan pagi, tengahari dan malam

Pakaj (c) Berkumpulan (groups) (20pax)

(2h+1M) RM70.00/pax

(3h+2m) RM130.00/pax

Penginapan di homestay

sarapan pagi, tengahari dan malam.

Aktiviti Homestay

Sambutan kompang dan bunga manggar (RM300)

Silat sembah dan gendang silat (RM750)

Malam Kebudayaan (RM600)

Permainan Tradisi (Rm350)

Melawat sekitar kampung (percuma)

*Pakaj Pakaj yang ditawarkan tidak termasuk kos pengangkutan, tiket masuk, insuran jalan dan lain lain kos.

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