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Today is May 24, 2017

Homestay – Teluk Bahang テーロ・バハンー湾(Teluk Bahang)ホームステイ

Homestay – Teluk Bahang テーロ・バハンー湾(Teluk Bahang)ホームステイ

Situated at the north of picturesque island of Penang, Teluk Bahang is most famous of its beautiful beaches. Predominantly a fishing village, Teluk Bahang is also the entry point for the Penang National Park, which was previously known as the Pantai Aceh Forest Reserve.

The Teluk Bahang homestay program has a total of 20 homes within the vicinity and are all within a 5-10 minute walking distance between one to another at the furthest. Many activities are planned in the homestay, where oneTea Set gets to experience a wholesome experience of traditional Malay kampung lifestyle. Many traditional games are taught by the residents including congkak, gasing and marble games and ‘kali-tui’. These are lost games which were once the most popular amongst kids and teenagers which are now hardly seen or learnt except in rural kampung areas.

Around the areas, homestay participants are also guided to herbal and fruit plantation farm. Most of the herbs there are also used in cooking Malay dishes. During the fruit seasons, participants will be treated to a tasteful choice of durian, papaya, mangosteen, cempedak, nangka (jackfruit) and rambutan.

Traffic is light around the area, and some of the inner roads are most suitable for cycling and jogging. Within a 5 km radius, jogger and cyclists can travel to nearby Batu Ferringhi or the Teluk Bahang Dam. They can also venture into the Penang National Park which is free of charge, and hike from Teluk Bahang to Pantai Kerachut. Halfway through the trail, they can also visit the Muka Head lighthouse which is still in use.

Teluk Bahang offers much opportunities for avid photographers to take scenic and lifestyle photographs. The Teluk Bahang fishing village comes alive when the fishing boats return from their trips, unloading their catches for the day. The natural flora and fauna in and around Teluk Bahang including the nearby Butterfly Farm ensures that one is well treated to a wealth of content to photograph. The sunset at Teluk Bahang is also a sight to behold and surely not to be missed.




このテーロ・バハンー湾・ホームステイは伝統的なマレー村 に寄宿し、生活体験をする旅行活動です。








半径5キロ圏内に近くのバト・フェリンギ(Batu Ferringhi)またはテーロ・バハンー(Teluk Bahang)ダムに移動することができます。

また、無料でペナン国立公園に入って、テーロ・バハンーからパンタイ·ケラチュー(Pantai Kerachut)までハイキングすることもできます。

この途中で道を介して、使用中であるムカ・ヘッド(Muka Head) 灯台を登ることができます。






Teluk Bahang坐落在风景如画的槟城岛北部,以美丽的海滩闻名。主要以渔村为主,是槟城国家公园的入口点,以前被称为Pantai Aceh森林自然保护区。

Teluk Bahang民宿计划总共有20户,住户之间也只有5-10分钟的步行距离。大部分的活动由民宿安排,让住宿者可以体验一番传统马来乡村的生活。当地的居民还会教您传统游戏包括了congkak,陀螺,弹珠和“kali tui”。这些都是曾经小孩和年轻人最喜欢的游戏,在城市早已罕见。


路道是周围地区的特点,一些小道非常适合骑自行车和散步。大约5公里半径距离内,慢走和骑自行车便可到达附近的Batu Ferringi和Teluk Bahang水坝。寄宿者也可以到槟城国家公园探险一番,入场免费,还可以骑上自行车从Teluk Bahang到Kerachut海滩。中途,可以参观Muka Head灯塔,至今仍然在使用。

Teluk Bahang为狂热的摄影师提供了很多采取景区和生活方式照的机会。每当渔船出航一整天后满载归来,顿时渔村立刻充满了人气。Teluk Bahang最近的自然生态区就是蝴蝶园,里边的蝴蝶都受保护,并且有许多丰富的内容包括照片资料。最不容错过的事情莫过于在这里欣赏夕阳西下,这一幕幕令人容易陶醉其中。

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