Homestay Kedayan

Today is April 29, 2017


Homestay Kedayan, located along the coast of Bungai in Sibuti district, about 48km from Miri Resorts City is made up of three villages - Kampung Peliau, Kampung Bungai and Kampung Jambu. The homestay set up in 2003 is named after Kedayan, an ethnic group in Sarawak who mostly settled in the area. The 28 households involved in the homestay program are mainly fishermen and farmers.

Beautiful long beach to unwind, Makan Taun (Tahun), the Kedayan annual open house, Unique flora and fauna not found anywhere in Sarawak, Fishing and diving
Tuan Hj. Abdul Gani B. Kamit
Tel: +6019-8247826
Fax: +6085-650237
Address: Kampung Bungai, Peliau, dan Gatas, Lot 1247, Jalan Dtk Muip 2A, Piasau Jaya Fasa 2, 98000 Miri, Sarawak
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