Homestay Darul Islam, Belimbing

Today is April 29, 2017

Homestay Darul Islam, Belimbing

Kampung Darul Islam Belimbing (Homestay Belimbing) about 60km from Kuching is a Bidayuh Muslim settlement, located in the Borneo Highlands. Belimbing or Gerumbing in the Bidayuh language means wild starfruit which is found in abundant in the area. The villagers embraced Islam in the '60s and the kampung has since been named Darul Islam Belimbing.

They still live in longhouses which makes this homestay like no other. A total of 22 out of 60 odd longhouse dwellers are involved in the homestay program launched by the government since 1992.

Unique Bidayuh Culture and longhouse lifestyle, Raflesia, world's largest flower are found within the vicinity of the village, trekking and mountain climbing, bamboo raft safari, fishing
Encik Raie Bin Omar
Tel: +6082-750 108/+6019-876 9167
Fax: +6082-750 149
Address: Felcra Berhad Kaw. Belimbing, No. 49, Sub Lot 38, Lot 777, Siburan Commercial Centre, 94200 Kuching, Sarawak

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