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Today is May 24, 2017

Hand fishing – Menggoca

Hand fishing – Menggoca

Hand fishing – Menggoca

The peaceful village atmosphere starting to bore you? Surround yourself with hails of laughter and amusement as you indulge yourself in a favorite locals Tea Setpastime. We call it ‘menggoca’, a form of hand fishing; leave behind that fishing pole and catch yourself a fish the old fashion way, with your bare hands.

Are you ready to get your hands dirty and end up with a good meal with your own hands?

Your game is the Belut (freshwater eel) or Ikan keli (freshwater catfish). Get yourself knee deep in mud and have some good clean fun, scream and splash around the mud filled waters while you tease your squeamish friends. Fish got away from you? Do not pout or worry, Haji Dorani also serves Ikan Keli masak lemak cili api for lunch, a well deserved meal after a great fishing experience and also a chance to get even with that slippery cat fish.

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