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You have been selected as one of the qualifying winners for the go2homestay.com Pahang contest. You will be contacted by M.o.A.d Technologies soon for further instructions and information. On behalf of go2homestay.com and the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia we thank you for your participation.
Yap Siew Lai (I/C:730309-14-XXXX)
Lian Yew Seng (I/C:770806-08-XXXX)
Shimanorhiza binti Shamsudin (I/C:791114-08--XXXX)
Ruby Kuppusamy(I/C:820524-14-XXXX)
S Mohammad Yusmal bin S Muhd Ghazali (I/C:740322-10-XXXX)
Cheong Chee Hoo (I/C:751212-1-XXXX)
Devonshire Sikem (I/C:800819-13-XXXX)
Ong Kian Sin (I/C:710410-10-XXXX)
Tengku Nadiana bt Tengku Izham (I/C: 830524-09-XXXX)
Evelyn May (I/C: 860513-52-XXXX)
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