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Today is May 24, 2017

Activity at Homestay – Painting

Activity at Homestay – Painting

Activity at Homestay – Painting

Immerse yourself in one of Selangor’s age-long traditions.

They have found themselves adorning the likes of royalty, prime ministers and legendary icons like Nelson Mandela. The national and cultural treasure, the art of traditional Batik painting is a rapidly vanishing art most of which are now being produced entirely by hand in small family-owned “factories”.

Although you may ask, what is the difference between Tea Set Malaysian Batik and Batik from neighboring countries? Malaysian batik usually bare floral designs which includes leaves and flowers. Malaysian batik depicting animals are rare because the religion of Islam forbid animal images as decoration although the butterfly theme is a rather common exception.

The Malaysian batik is also famous for its geometrical designs, such as spirals, made rich with bright colors which are influenced by designs from Java. Here in Haji Dorani, you can try for yourself an artistic and fulfilling hand’s on experience in crafting, coloring and beautifying a piece of batik using the skills and techniques that have been passed down from the craftsmen of the past.

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